Doug Jones on Lap Dogs

On a recent episode of The 1A, Doug Jones categorizes the abortion legislation coming out of Alabama as the result of a gerrymandered legislature, and says we should step back to focus on the bigger picture of healthcare. Fully agree. He also had a most-excellent point about loyalty to presidents: The only issue for Republicans right now is who is going to be Donald Trump’s best friend – who is going to be Donald Trump’s best lap dog.

On Amash Leaving the GOP

Glad to see Justin Amash has left the Freedom Caucus and the GOP. He remarked: “I’m asking you to believe that we can do better than this two-party system - and to work toward it. If we continue to take America for granted, we will lose it.” Fully agree. Republicans have won two elections despite losing the popular vote. In my mind, they’re seeing popular opinion isn’t on their side and are desperate to seize and hold onto power.

Fox News has been stupid for a long time

Fox News has been stupid for a long time. It’s absurd the implication that a President must always put forth a manufactured image of oozing bravado as Putin does. What about the importance of every day people being able to “see themselves” in their President? A President must be relatable. We’ve all looked goofy on a bike. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Happier people and roadways by expanding society's hours

Along with getting rid of daylight savings time, I’d like to one day live in a world that doesn’t work against those of us who prefer late nights or early mornings. It makes no sense to funnel almost everyone towards 9-5 work schedules. It makes it harder for those who live in small towns to find work when the sidewalks are laid down at 8am and rolled up at 6pm. It makes it harder to commute when nearly everyone else in town is trying to commute at the same time.

Go away, Leslie Gibson

Only an asshole would attack Parkland students. But that’s just what Leslie Gibson, a Republican candidate for the Maine State House, did. May he never gain a position of leadership again.

Still not acceptable behavior

This isn’t just a struggle over a president. It’s a struggle over what rules we’re going to play by after Trump. Are we all going to descend permanently into the Trump standard of acceptable behavior?

Congratulations Danica Roem

Last month, Ashley Bennett kicked John Carman’s sexist ass. And Danica Roem became Virginia’s first openly transgender lawmaker, unseating Robert Marshall who dubbed himself “Virginia’s chief homophobe.” He introduced an anti-transgender bathroom bill which luckily died in committee. Congratulations, Danica! One way to raise the bar on respect and love in America is to keep out politicians who have neither. So happy! Trevor’s right … Karma came out big in these elections.

Defending Science against post-truth bullshit

Really enjoyed this segment of Science Friday from a few weeks ago. Defending science in a post-truth era has great suggestions for how scientists and science educators can do their jobs better given today’s challenges.